Philips EPIQ 7

Philips EPIQ 7

Brand: Philips

EPIQ 7 for General Radiology, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Hepatology & Vascular applications.


The EPIQ Series of premium color doppler shared service ultrasound systems replace the iE33 & IU22 platforms.



nSIGHT Imaging is the Philips’ proprietary architecture providing an increase in penetration and higher resolution at higher frame rates.

Anatomical Intelligence (AI) adds more workflow efficiency.

TrueVue advanced 3D display: 21.5” Monitor & 12” tablet-like touchscreen for navigation. MaxVue high definition display.

PureWave Imaging crystal technology.

AIUS - for automating repetitive steps to full, computer driven analysis.

Image fusion & Needle navigation.

Shear wave elastography for liver disease assessment.

MicroCPA for small vessel visualization.

iSCAN for automatic image optimization (AutoSCAN)

Multimodality DICOM.

xMATRIX for leading-edge ultrasound transducer technology.

Specific to Cardiology: HeartModelA.I. for Echocardiography.

Specific to Vascular: TCD Fusion.


Condition: Excellent

Software Level: TBD

Can be sold alone or with transducers.


Transducers available for purchase.

Systems are available for Rent, Lease or Purchase.


* A generalized description of the system’s major features/capabilities is being provided. Our offerings have a variety of system features and options. We will work with you to provide a system with the exact configuration you are seeking.