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GE Voluson S8

GE Voluson S8

Brand: GE

Imaging Systems for Women’s Health.


Mid-range of GE’s advanced Voluson Series.


The S8 is smaller and newer than the E8/E6 ultrasounds, and it has similar features.

Efficiency provided from Voluson Care Architecture and synergy between the ultrasound probes and platform.

2D and 3D imaging capabilities.

Quick access to vascular anatomy.

Advanced color doppler.

Advanced Volume Contrast Imaging for higher contrast resolution.

HD-Zoom to localize regions of interest.

Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging.

Provides greater efficiency, all without sacrificing image quality.


Condition: Excellent

Software level: TBD

Can be sold alone or with transducers.


Transducers available for purchase.

Systems are available for Rent, Lease or Purchase.


* A generalized description of the system’s major features/capabilities is being provided. Our offerings have a variety of system features and options. We will work with you to provide a system with the exact configuration you are seeking.




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