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GE Logiq E

GE Logiq E

Brand: GE

Point of Care Ultrasound with Console Performance.


TruScan Architecture.

Power Doppler Imaging (PDI) helps detect blood flow.

Rendered panoramic images up to 60cm.

Simultaneous split-screen that shows two, side-by-side images for live scanning.

SmartScan and ComfortScan technologies.

Available to fit your budget and practice needs.


Condition: Excellent

Software level: TBD

Can be sold alone or with transducers.


Transducers available for purchase.

Systems are available for Rent, Lease or Purchase.


* A generalized description of the system’s major features/capabilities is being provided. Our offerings have a variety of system features and options. We will work with you to provide a system with the exact configuration you are seeking.




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