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2012 GE Optima CT660
  • 2012 GE Optima CT660
  • 2012 GE Optima CT660
  • 2012 GE Optima CT660

2012 GE Optima CT660

Brand: GE

Serial #: 321958HM1
Date of Manufacture: November 2012
Tube Type: Performix II
Tube mAs: 155417183 (5/6/20)
Tube Installation Date: 10/5/2016
Dual Monitors
Software Level: 15HW25.2_SP1-0-1-H40_SS64_G_GMV
Software Options: Patient-64-slice, Direct-MPR, Data Export, Smart Prep, AutomA, 3000 Image Series, CopyComposer, Smart Speed, ASIR, NeuroFilter, Dynamic Z-axis Tracking, 0_4Speed, AutoFilter-and-Transfer, 100kVA, Helical-120-Sec, Dynamic Transition, Organ Dose Modulation, Connect Pro, VolumeViewer, AVA_Xpress, AutoBone_Xpress     
CT_Colono_Pro3D_EC, Exam Split, SmartStep, Enhanced Xtream Injector, Image Check, AWE Connection, HelicalShuttle, AxialShuttle
SDDAS Saturn_64



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