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2008 Siemens Essenza 1.5 8 Channel

2008 Siemens Essenza 1.5 8 Channel

Brand: Siemens

Under Siemens Service
Inspected 12/4/19 Photos and Report Available
Magnet Serial# 64242
Coldhead Replaced 5/23/19
Compressor F-70H
Absorber Replaced: 3/28/17
Operators Console Host Computer: Z420 Host Tower
Software: Numaris/4 MR Version Numaris/4 syngo MRD14
Software Level: VD14

Software Options: CAP3D_Filter_MIP, Cap3D_Filter_SSD, CAP3D_Voimode
CAP3D_Main, GET_WorkList, MRI_Argus_Main, N_Pat_Advanced
MPPS_Support, MR_Composing_Spine, N_Duffusion, N_TimApplication
N_MatrixMode, Syngo_General_License, MR_LisenceUSA, MR_DIS3D
N_InLineComposing, N_InLineDIS3D, N_SWI, N_Blade, MRI_CV_Main
Channels_8, N_PhoenixZIP, N_Native, V_Gradients, MR_Support_i
MR_MotionCorrection _NR, N_TimApplication_1, N_TimApplication_2
N_TimApplication_3, N_TimApplication_4

Tim Application Suite: Angio, Cardiac, Neuro, Body, Onco, Ortho, Breast,

Coils: 4 Ch Flex Large, 4 Ch Flex Small, Body Matrix, Breast Matrix
Fix Spine Matrix, 8 Ch Head Matrix, Neck Matrix, Shoulder Array



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