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Mobile GE VCT 64 CT Scanner with ASiR Low Dose Reduction Mobile GE VCT 64 CT Scanner with ASiR Low Dose Reduction Mobile GE VCT 64 CT Scanner with ASiR Low Dose Reduction Mobile GE VCT 64 CT Scanner with ASiR Low Dose Reduction

Mobile GE VCT 64 CT Scanner with ASiR Low Dose Reduction

System Description

The LightSpeed 64 VCT, the world’s first volume CT system, is the latest innovation in computed tomography (CT) technology and the flagship system in GE's LightSpeed VCT family of CT scanners. “VCT” stands for "Volume Computed Tomography." The GE LightSpeed VCT ushers in the next-generation of CT imaging by offering game-changing clinical applications in neurology, cardiology and trauma.

Permanent Options Included with this Scanner:

ASiR Low Dose Noise Reduction Filter
Cardio IQ Snapshot Direct MPR
CT Perfusion 4 Neuro Patient 64 Slice
Sub 0.4 Second Scan VCT-85kW-Power
Dynamic Z-Axis Tracking Connect Pro and Data Export
CardIQ Snapshot Cine Exam Split
Smart Score Pro 3000 Image Series
Neurofilter Copy Composer
EKG Viewer New York
Autofilter and Transfer VCT-HI-Power
Noise Reduction Filter Axial and Helical Shuttl

Rental Includes:

  1. Mobile Coach with GE VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner.
  2. Installation and Set-up of Coach at customer site.
  3. Checklist review with lead technologist for proper coach/scanner start-up and shutdown.
  4. On-site Service and Maintenance – includes all parts and labor to effect repairs during normal business hours 08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. Overtime and weekend service is available at our normal OT and Weekend rates.
  5. Comprehensive Coach and 2,000,000 Liability Insurance.
  6. One 8-hour GE CT Applications Training day with lead Tech(s).
  7. 24-Port Managed  GigaSwitch 10/100/1000 with 2 Combo Mini-GBIC up-link ports
  8. Windows 7.0 workstation with site software installation allowance.

Customer Site Requirements:

  1. Concrete or Asphalt pad of at least 55' x 15'
  2. 480V 3 Phase with Ground Shore power with female Russellstoll Connector
  3. Network (RJ45) and Phone (RJ13) connections terminated at Shore Power connector site
  4. Lead Technologist on day of installation/start-up to confirm coach/scanner start-up and shutdown procedures.
  5. Written/Printed Protocol Book if Applications Training is selected.



Our focus is on your success:

  • We are here to support your facility in any situation
  • Clear up patient backlog
  • Construction / Room renovation
  • Downtime during equipment upgrading
  • Test the financial viability for a future Equipment Purchase
  • In place of a large Capital Expenditure
  • Our rental proposals are customized to meet your needs

Our commitment to providing a superior experience:

  • Our knowledgeable, professional team has more than 45 years of experience in the field
  • We are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process
  • Site Assistance, Pre-Planning, Delivery & Set-Up
  • On-Site System Applications Training
  • Equipment Service and Maintenance
  • Trailer Service Maintenance
  • Our strategic partnerships provide access to all the essential support needed

Leasing a Mobile System through Beacon International provides a risk-free solution to any situation your facility may have. Speak to our specialists!!!


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