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GE 1.5 12X Signa Excite HD 8 Channel MR Mobile GE 1.5 12X Signa Excite HD 8 Channel MR Mobile GE 1.5 12X Signa Excite HD 8 Channel MR Mobile GE 1.5 12X Signa Excite HD 8 Channel MR Mobile

GE 1.5 12X Signa Excite HD 8 Channel MR Mobile

Software Revision: 12XM5B
AK Specialty Vehicles Coach

System Description

The refurbished GE Signa Excite 1.5T 12X MRI scanner is an 8-channel system that provides improved image clarity and productivity along with increased productivity. GE Excite technology has a high data throughput capability to handle large data volumes and complex image reconstructions.


  • • Increase patient capacity with Excite Accelerator technology
  • • Reduce exam time
  • • Eliminate motion artifact
  • • Accelerate temporal resolution of 3D-dynamic imaging without
       sacrificing spatial resolution
  • • Enhance diagnostic options for stroke evaluation, peripheral
       vascular imaging
  • • Acquire and process simultaneously
  • • Improve SNR, speed, and resolution of a broad base of MRI


  • CXK4 LCC Short Bore


  • HP8200 Host Computer
  • 33 mT/m Gradient Amp
  • 120 mT/m Slew Rate

Permanent Options Included with this Scanner:

Fast Gradient Echo Phase Contrast Vascular Imaging
Special Interactive Vascular Imaging
Fast Spin Echo and Flair SSFSE
E3DTOF BloodSupp
SGDperf IDrive
Functools2 DW_EPI
High Speed T2 BreathHold
T1 BreathHold Fluoro-triggered MRA
Dynamic R1 Asset
Echo Planar Imaging Cine
Time of Flight SGD_EchoSpeed
Flair_EPI SmartPre
Three Plane LOC FSE_XL
FastCine IDrive Pro
SmartPrep 2000 Voxtool
ClairView Ultrashort TR
MRCP3 Asset Plus
Fiesta 3D 3DFRFSE
Propeller T2 Propeller T1
Lava Fiesta-C


8 Channel Brain 8 Channel CTL
8 Channel Body Array Neurovascular Array
Torso Array TMJ
Large Shoulder Array Small Shoulder Array
Quad Head T/R Knee PA
General Purpose Flex

Rental Includes:

  1. Mobile Coach with GE Signa Excite 1.5T 12X MRI Scanner.
  2. Site Assistance & Pre-Planning.
  3. Transportation/Delivery.
  4. Installation and Set-up of Coach at customer site.
  5. Checklist review with lead technologist for proper coach/scanner start-up and shutdown.
  6. On-site Service and Maintenance – includes all parts and labor to effect repairs during normal business hours 08:00-17:00 Monday-Friday. Overtime and weekend service is available at our normal OT and Weekend rates.
  7. Trailer service maintenance.
  8. Comprehensive Coach and 2,000,000 Liability Insurance.
  9. GE MRI Applications Training with lead Tech(s). Additional fees may apply.
  10. Telephone/Network Connections.
  11. Current Physicist Survey provided.
  12. PM’s Performed Quarterly During Extended Service Coverage Hours.

Customer Site Requirements:

  1. MRI Technologist
  2. Pad for Parking Scanner with Tractor/Trailer access
  3. 480v 3ph 150A Electrical Power w/ either Russell Stoll, Appleton or Crouse Hinds Connection
  4. Telephone / Network Connections
  5. All Useable or Consumable Goods (film, contrast, linen, etc.)
  6. Radiologist who will Provide General Supervision and Patient Care
  7. Lead Technologist on day of installation/start-up to confirm coach/scanner start-up and shutdown procedures.
  8. Scheduling, Delivery and Retrieval of Patients and Safety Code Compliance
  9. Patient Record Keeping
  10. Insurance for Equipment, Facility Staff and Patients
  11. Written/Printed Protocol Book if Applications Training is selected.



Our focus is on your success:

  • We are here to support your facility in any situation
  • Clear up patient backlog
  • Construction / Room renovation
  • Downtime during equipment upgrading
  • Test the financial viability for a future Equipment Purchase
  • In place of a large Capital Expenditure
  • Our rental proposals are customized to meet your needs

Our commitment to providing a superior experience:

  • Our knowledgeable, professional team has more than 45 years of experience in the field
  • We are dedicated to guiding you through the entire process
  • Site Assistance, Pre-Planning, Delivery & Set-Up
  • On-Site System Applications Training
  • Equipment Service and Maintenance
  • Trailer Service Maintenance
  • Our strategic partnerships provide access to all the essential support needed

Leasing a Mobile System through Beacon International provides a risk-free solution to any situation your facility may have. Speak to our specialists!!!


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