2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded) 2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded) 2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded) 2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded) 2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded) 2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded)

2007 GE 1.5 HDx 16 Channel (Upgraded)


  Inspected May 24, 2018
Software / Hardware
Upgraded 16 Channel Carriage
HP xw9300 Workstation running 15x m4a
HFD-s (qty 2) and HFD (qty 1) Gradient/PDU Cabinet SR120
8103 Solid State RF Amp - SRFD2 - w/SSM Cabinet
Excite III Systems Cabinet (qty 2) VRE Blade Config p/n 5127452
GE Lightweight Removable Table
System MDC Panel
Magnet Data: LCC CXK4 Serial Number: R3538
Helium Level: 77.73%
Sumitomo CSW 71D Compressor Hours: 121,735 (5/24/18)
RDK408A2 Cold Head by SCAI 10/2014
Service Platform
Legacy Style Covers
Software Level: 15x M4A disks present
Software Options: e-License Disk Present
Echo Planar, Fastcine, Spiral Real Time, ProbePRESS, FGE, Tagging, Navigator, CINE, SGDPERF IDrive Pro Plus, 3DFRFSE, FSE & FLAIR, IDrive Pro, PROE 3D Brain, Asset Plus, TOF, iDrive Ultrashort TR, Tricks, PC & VI, SmartPrep 2000 Upgrade, Fiesta-C, Spectroscopy Probe, Functool 2 T2 Breathhold, Breast 2, SGD_EchoSpeed, Voxtool, SSFSE MRCP, Propeller DWI, DW EPI Intervascular Imaging, ACDG, 3DFAT SAT Fiesta, FLAIR EPI, Special, SmartPrep, SSFSE, 3 Plane Loc Modality Worklist, E3DTOF, FSE_XL, Bloodsupp, CLARIVIEW, Performed Procedure Step, FGRET, FGRET REAL TIME, Spiral Hi-Res, T1 Breathhold, ACGD Plus, Fluoro Triggered MRA, MRCP3, Dynamic R1 2D 3D Fiesta, Delayed Enhancement, Asset, Brainwave RT, Propeller T2, 2D FAT SAT Fiesta, 16 Channel System
Lava, Flair 3D, MultiPhase Variable Delays, Blood Flow and Column Measurements, Time Course, 2D Merge LAVA XV, BRAVO, Cosmic, HDX Key, IDEAL, 3D Dual Echo, ARC, Cube T2, T2STAR, Weighted Angiography
Coils: HNS 8 Channel
HD CTL 8 Channel
HD Foot/Ankle 8 Channel
Legacy Body Array 8 Channel
HD Shoulder Coil 8 Channel
HD Hi Res Brain Array 8 Channel
HD T/R Knee Array 8 Channel
HD NVA 8 Channel
1.5 T Classic Head Coil
Quad Knee/Foot 1 Channel
Shoulder Coil 1 Channel
Round Coil 1 Channel
Lg and Sm Shoulder Coils 4 Channel
MedRad Flex Coils
Wrist 4 Channel
HD Breast Biopsy Coil 7 Channel
Phantoms: LV Shim Set, DQC, Body TLT w/loader, Head TLT w/loader, All 8 Channel Col Phantoms
Location: Oregon
Reference #: 2017-2895


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